World of Prasanna

Pouring down my thoughts here, might be useful to you ... who knows.

Chat Ops

I have been practicing devops for sometime now and felt the comfortness it gives when deploying and as well the complexity it adds to the process. Eventhough I haven t realised this concept of Chatops, but used few of it... »

Here I learn Vim

Recently I got interested in Vim coz it changed my mindset about editing text, working with keyboard .. The delay between thinking and implementing it, got reduced much and most importantly my flow is retained … I thought I could... »

Retro thoughts

Its been nearly a year at Thoughworks and in this period I had improved a lot, as a person and as a developer, on the other hand my confidence level also got a hit and had been cut down by... »

SSH configurations

Now a days, am using ssh command a lot and learnt few things on the way. Thought of noting down the configurations which are useful. Before that, ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" -f tmp This is the command... »

Importance of Dev machine

Suddenly one fine morning my mac didn t boot. I pressed the start button and waited for 5 mins, nothing happened. In panic, I pressed start button 2 more times but the effort gone in vain. Anyhow its a company... »