Here I learn Vim

Recently I got interested in Vim coz it changed my mindset about editing text, working with keyboard .. The delay between thinking and implementing it, got reduced much and most importantly my flow is retained …

I thought I could notedown the places where I would learn vim and these are very useful,

  1. Thoughtbot Vim Meetups
  2. Minute Vim Tricks
  3. Vim Adventures Game
  4. Vim Tips - Usually will go to this through google search
  5. Practical Vim book
  6. Vim Casts
  7. And yah, most importantly started with vimtutor

These helped me to get interested in Vim and now a days if I want to know about some feature, I would goto vim help and find for the topic. Vim help as its name implies very helpful.

Also started looking into other people’ s vimrc file to know about the plugins they use and settings they have. Its also a good place to learn.