Toptal Freelancing platform

Toptal Freelancing platform

I am a solid coder for long time, but never gave a tech talk or wrote blogs about tech topics. After joining Thoughtworks, I realised the value of having an opinion, being vocal about the technology and mentoring my colleagues in the right direction.

After my (nearly 4 years) tenure at Thoughtworks, I joined my friend’s startup Francium Technologies with the motive to apply these basic principles of a consultant at needed time.

I was more interested in creating a culture of having healthy conversation about technology and realised that there is no platform in the company to share the technical learnings. I started “Thursday Devops” sessions, where I will prepare a topic in the technology used and gave a talk about it. After 5 - 6 sessions, people started volunteering for it and now its part of the culture. I maintained 22 week streak of Thursday sessions and at the same time started blogging about the topics which I presented.

Few talks & its blog posts (and there are many such):

Recently, I was more interested in Free lancing as I could make time to talk about technology, contribute to open source projects and travel around the world. Till now, I was very much hesitant to do so, not because I will not get any projects / clients. I was worried about the quality of work which I would get, missing the office community and most importantly I felt there are quite a lot of people bargaining for the same work with cheaper prices. So I didn t give it a try, untill I came to know about Toptal. That changed my mind completely about free lancing.

I got introduced to Toptal through their blog post about Concurrency & Parallelism in Ruby, which gave me the right information I need. Then I looked at their various other blog posts and started researching about Toptal. I felt this is the platform, I want to be part of. I was more attracted towards their interview process, Tech community (meetups they conduct) and confidence which the clients have in Toptal.

I immediately applied for the Devops position in Toptal and in the middle of screening process. Hopefully I will get a chance to be part of an awesome Toptal community.