World of Prasanna

Pouring down my thoughts here, might be useful to you ... who knows.

Toptal Freelancing platform

I am a solid coder for long time, but never gave a tech talk or wrote blogs about tech topics. After joining Thoughtworks, I realised the value of having an opinion, being vocal about the technology and mentoring my colleagues... »

2019 Year Review

Finally 2019 is going to get over, it has been a tremendous year with lot of learnings, roller coaster rides. Few major life changing events. I quit from Thoughtworks and joined my friend’s company Francium Technologies along with Archana. We... »

Used / Worked technologies

For past few years I was working as a full stack developer and hence could cover the breadth of software development. I was thinking today about the technologies which I worked / used in the past and I felt overwhelmed... »

Learning path for golang

I was coding for some 8 years now and just realised how I was very lathargic in going deep in that language. I worked in java for nearly first 6 years then I moved to Thoughtworks. Here things are lot... »

Path for November

It was utter flop :-( - January 2018 I thought of focusing on Devops this year and tried to learn few tools and practices around it. As it was a very broad area and priorities got changed, the goal got... »