Learning path for golang

Learning path for golang

I was coding for some 8 years now and just realised how I was very lathargic in going deep in that language. I worked in java for nearly first 6 years then I moved to Thoughtworks.

Here things are lot different. Microservices, short duration projects. In my first project, I learnt ruby for sometime. I should say that learning a new language at that time was really good and that too a dynamic language was fun. Then in the next project I learnt nodejs, reactjs, rails. It was ok sort of type. Lot of things in short span of time. Next was a python project, though in the starting I was very hesitant to join the project as I was overwhelmed by number of tech stacks learnt in the very short span of time.

Though I was learning these languages, I could never say that I became a pro in any of the language. My expection of pro was a very high bar that I couldn t reach that in any of these languages. My language learning always stops with working in the office project, reading a book, doing a pet project, which usually be at the basic level.

Also the learning of a language just happens like that, there is no structure / pattern to it. This time I want to learn Go mainly because I was interested in the devops work and most of the tools which I use like Terraform, Kubernetes was written in Go. I have this desire to go beyond the basic surface scratching level to a pro level. Till today I have no idea of how to program in Go. I will track my learning path here and How I can go to that pro level which I always envied of.

So wat is that pro level,

  1. Contributing to popular open source projects in that language
  2. Answering questions in Stackoverflow
  3. Writing blogs about it
  4. Giving talks about that language in office and outside office.
  5. Yah, having pet projects using that language

I will try to do those with Golang and see how I can progress with that.