Vim tricks

After I became little bit comfortable with vim, I started customizing it a lot. And many times I would open the vimrc file which is in ~/.vimrc, save my changes, quit the vim and start it again to refresh my changes. It was bit painful at times because it will take more time to get feedback and I would have made a silly mistake there and I have to repeat the whole process again.

But after sometime I find this cool trick by which we can open the vimrc file within the current buffer using :e $MYVIMRC, so I did remap my vim keystrokes to do this work,

nnoremap ev :e $MYVIMRC<CR>

Now I can easily open the vimrc file in the current buffer and edit it. To reload the vimrc without quitting, I can source $MYVIMRC and so this line came into my vimrc,

nnoremap rv :w!<Esc>:source $MYVIMRC<CR>

Once edited and reloaded, to go back to my previously opened buffer <C-o>

PS :-

  1. $VIMRC gives the location of your vimrc file
  2. my vimrc