Path for November

Path for November

It was utter flop :-( - January 2018

I thought of focusing on Devops this year and tried to learn few tools and practices around it. As it was a very broad area and priorities got changed, the goal got diluted and for the past few months haven t focused on anything in particular. So thought of looking at the courses I want to attend, books I had planned to read and make a plan for short period. For a month.

So November month,


  • AWS Certified sysops admin
  • Terraform

I started both the courses, couldn t complete for many reasons. So will focus on these 2 this month.


  • The Phoenix project
  • Getting started with Terraform (This is the book written by my colleague)

Another way to get focussed is to do things around that area so,

  • thought of writing blog about the courses I attend and books I read
  • Knowing more about the tools
  • Reading & contributing to the open source projects

By end of november will update with what happened actually. Will these things work or not.