Importance of Dev machine

Importance of Dev machine

Suddenly one fine morning my mac didn t boot. I pressed the start button and waited for 5 mins, nothing happened. In panic, I pressed start button 2 more times but the effort gone in vain.

Anyhow its a company mac and for sure I would get another in a day or two, but the settings which I had there would be lost. Project related stuff are there in github, so fine. But my bash settings, intellij live templates and all my utilities, apps Everything oooosh, Gone.

But luckily it got started after 6 mins and something hit me hard about the necessity of taking up backup. There are lot of ways to setup dev machine:

  1. Ansible scripts to provision dev machine (Geeky way)
  2. Committing .files and settings to github
  3. Using configuration tools such as

lot of ways are there. But the point is,

its necessary to take backup and figure out a way to restore it, if you don t want to start everything from scratch.

So here i go, committing my . files to github,