Here I learn ...

For long time I thought of curating the list of places from which am learning languages, techniques and also about tech related news. Am sure everyone would have their own list and it grows or shrinks based on your interest in learning. These are the stuffs which comes on top of my mind now, but will keep it updated,

  1. Courses :
    • Codeschool - Courses are good. UI, Rails, Javascript. Look for SoupToBits also.
    • ReactJS Course
    • EggHead - Redux and other Javascript Courses
  2. Video Tutorials :
    • RailCasts - Very good place for Rails related stuff.
    • Codeschool again - Code tv, Screencasts
    • Youtube - lots of good tutorials here. Subscribed to lots of good playlists.
  3. Blogs :
    • Medium - Read content which are worthy spending time.
    • Feedly - Subscribe to fav blogs and watch it there.
    • DZone - Java, Agile related stuffs
  4. News :
    • Google News
    • Twitter - Use app like TweetDeck
  5. Keep Note of :
    • Bookmark Good articles (now articles are scattered across many apps. Planned to use Evernote for keeping it organized)
    • Update dev logs (Interesting stuff heared and learnt @ office). Using Digital Diary developed by one of my friend.