Wanna-be like this !!!

Wanna-be like this !!!

I was a normal human, at times would be high in my spirits and would think that I could do this that everything. And at times would feel low and this sine wave progresses. When I step back now and see, I felt like I had climbed few rocks, got hit hard by many stones and reached a certain tangible point. But what is the destination ? I don t know. And I feel sprinting without having destination is worse than walking or just standing. So I thought I would come up with a persona whom I want to be after say 5 years.

Persona Details :

Age : 32 years

Location : Chennai

Role : Decision maker in the company from Technology stand point, definitely not a stereo-typed manager guy.

Known as : Popular among the open source community, tech at the core.

Dev Traits : Person who had started many useful open source projects. Active in developer community and meetups.

Hobby : Avid book reader. Technology. Tamil. Very good (!) blogger.

Notable trait : Knows how to generate money from the software.

This is how I want to see me at my 32 nd year. One key point to be noted is, these things don t need technical skill alone, it needs courage and confidence in self to become the imaginary persona.