World of Prasanna

Pouring down my thoughts here, might be useful to you ... who knows.

Devops days India

I was here in Bangalore to attend the Devopsdays India 2017 something which I was eargely waiting for few months to attend. Things which attracted me are Kubernetes, Nathan Harvey, workshop, lots of Docker related sessions. Keynote by Nathan Harvey... »

Vim tricks

After I became little bit comfortable with vim, I started customizing it a lot. And many times I would open the vimrc file which is in ~/.vimrc, save my changes, quit the vim and start it again to refresh my... »

Proxy pattern in python

I was learning python by implementing the design patterns and this is the github link, also was parallely doing Python Koans which is a very good resource to learn python. In one of the exercises, implemented the proxy pattern using... »

Vim in zsh shell

I started using Vim some 6 months ago and felt this has to be my way of editing the source files. I felt I was more productive and editing source code became more fun this time. Recently one of my... »

Python Strings

I started reading about python recently and could found that manipulating strings in python is lot more easier than java. Though i didn t like few ways of manipulating like string concatenation, but found it to be quite useful. Triple... »